Why I Do This


My interest in investing and making my money work for me without stress came from writing about how people view money, how they work and how they conduct business. I was fascinated by what money meant to them and why so many have biases about money (either for or against wealth) that they have gotten from their parents, teachers and even their religious training. These beliefs can be destructive and self-limiting, and prevent people from having a healthy, unemotional and practical relationship with money.

Many people have extreme views of money. They may obsess about it, think about it all the time and worry about not having enough but don’t know how to even start to fix their situation.  On the other hand are people who claim not to think about money, don’t worry about it, don’t  concern themselves with debt or overdue credit card bills. There are also people who have lots of money, more than most, and are hamstrung by it, thinking that money alone will make them happy.

None of these stances is healthy or practical, but they are common.  What you will learn at my Fiscal Fitness Boot Camp presentation offers a better way.

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