About the Presentation

Best selling business author, stock trader, and former Business Week reporter Larry Kahaner knows how to survive in a down economy and thrive when the economy is good because he’s done it himself.

How? By becoming fiscally fit.

You’re never too young to start. In fact, now is exactly the right time.

FISCAL FITNESS BOOT CAMP is an in-person, fast moving, fun, and interactive introduction to money-managing principles that will teach you not only how to manage the money you have – but how to use it to get the money that you really want.

What is fiscal fitness? It doesn’t involve scrimping and saving. Or cheaping out. Or giving up the good things in life. The secret is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s how you handle it, how you make it work for you.  It’s the priorities you set, the goals you establish and the choices you make to achieve them.

FISCAL FITNESS BOOT CAMP will introduce you to seven simple steps that anyone, anyplace and at any time can take to become fiscally fit. Rules that are so simple and easy, they‘ll become second nature once you start to use them. There are no tricks and no gimmicks, just honest information about money.

FISCAL FITNESS BOOT CAMP could be the best investment you’ll ever make in your financial future.

Here are the seven steps to becoming fiscally fit:

1 – Use Debt Wisely: There’s good debt and bad debt. Learn the difference. How to manage the debt you already have including student loans and credit card balances. Why your credit score is about more than credit.

2 – How to Handle Your Paycheck: It isn’t how much money you earn but how you manage it.

3 – Buy a Residence: Learn if it’s a good idea for you,  because it’s not right for everyone.

4 – Invest: No matter how little you have you can become a millionaire.

5 – How to Save. There’s an art to it.

6 – Modeling: You’ll be surprised how wealthy people think.

7 – Seek and Build a Relationship with Money. What does money mean to you and how do you know when you have enough of it. (Hint: This is not an easy question to answer.)


To book Larry Kahaner for your venue contact:

Scott Wolfman at Wolfman Productions, Inc. 1-800-735-4933 or Scott@WolfmanProductions.com

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